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Wednesday, 18 March 2020 10:48

COVID-19 Information Notice 17.03.2020

COVID-19 Information Notice 17.03.2020

Dear Customer,

We are living through turbulent and challenging times.

Who could have imagined that in the course of just a few days the world would be upside down trying to battle a virus that brings our society to a virtual standstill and threatens fundamental infrastructure and free movement of cargo and people.

We are glad to inform that, for the time being, all Bruhn Spedition offices remain fully operational and will continue doing so as long as our team remains healthy and sufficient capacity (trucks, vessel space, etc.) on the market is available.

We have taken all necessary pro-active measures, including those that were recommended by the government and health authorities, to keep our employees and stakeholders safe and healthy :

-          Business trips, face-to-face meetings and travelling between our offices have been suspended for the time being.

-          contingency plans, hygienic rules and back-up scenarios have been set-up and are tested

-          a considerable number of staff members are working from home

-          internal & external communication systems have been set up so we can keep you updated accordingly

Despite the fact that the movement of cargo is still largely unrestricted we see operational challenges grow by the day. Filter blockades at borders, restrictions on vessels, vessel cancellations, stevedores working at half their strength or less, delayed arrivals and departures, companies going in self-declared lockdown, …

These are extraordinary times and if we want to overcome these challenges we might have to do extraordinary things and stretch some of the agreements we currently have in place. This will require a lot of creativity, flexibility and resilience from both sides.

We from our side will do all we can to work closely with you to avoid that the supply-chain, however hard it might be stretched, will not break. We follow the situation closely and our teams will reach out to warn, adjust and propose alternatives wherever possible or necessary.

If you have questions, your normal points of contacts within Bruhn Spedition will be available to answer any question or concern you may have. In the meantime we will be available as well to support wherever possible.

Together we can weather the storm !

Take care of yourself and those that are most vulnerable

Gert Laurijssens                                                   Joachim Pinn 

Bruhn Spedition Group