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Friday, 20 March 2020 07:20

COVID-19 Information Notice 20.03.2020

COVID-19 Information Notice 20.03.2020

Dear Customer,

As restrictions throughout Europe become more harsh the challenges to keep the supply chain going are growing by the day. Although we still have enough capacity available and business is - with the exception of some sectors -“running as usual” as much as possible, we would like to highlight 4 points that for the moment have most impact.

  • We are more and more confronted with delays on roads, vessels and in This means transit times are getting longer and “On Time Delivery” might be getting jeopardized. We would therefore like to ask you to allow us extended lead-times in order to try and meet “On Time Delivery” as much as possible. This will also create more reassurance at the final consignee. The sooner we have orders in our possession the sooner delivery planning can be made.
  • We see demands rise for increase in stocks and will try to support you as much as However, we would strongly advice against unnecessary hoarding. Too high stocks risk to saturate ports and terminals, immobilize equipment and deny transport capacity to sectors that are vital to supply those areas of society where the need is the highest at the moment. It might equally limit capacities when the COVID-19 virus is under control and the situation gets back to normal.
  • In the light of this and in anticipation of a situation that might get worse, we would like you to signal us your customers and orders that should get absolute priority when capacities become scarce or As mentioned, there is no need for concern yet but we believe it might be helpful to think about this pro-actively and not at the moment the problem arises.
  • For those transports with a multimodal structure the handling of original documents might become somewhat of an To ensure correct documentation we normally work with electronic scans that are scanned at departure and printed at destination and handed to drivers. As employees are more and more based at home and the physical handover of document becomes problematic. We are doing whatever we can to have valid alternatives in place but do count on your understanding if we might require your assistance.

We need to repeat that these are extra-ordinary times but together we will for sure get through them. For questions and concerns your normal contacts remain available.

Best Regards, Gert Laurijssens

Bruhn Spedition Group